A Distributed Ledger Technology for open read and managed write

Veriteem is a distributed ledger technology that provides public read access of ledger contents but limits content and submitters to dedicated applications and is independent of fluctuations in crypto currencies.

  • Write access managed by peer group of guardians
  • Build on Ethereum blockchain using Proof of Authority
  • Smart contract live cycle management enables key recovery and backup
  • No cryptocurrency required
  • Open source
  • Publicly deployed

The Veriteem DLT Project

Veriteem provides a solution that is more open than permissioned approaches that limit access to the ledger network and open solutions that require expensive proof and where ledger contents, traffic volume and submitters are limited only by the access to crypto currencies.

This enables open data, that is accessible and verifiable by anyone and dedicated contents that are limited in volume, origin and contents but can be validated by a distributed network of peers.

Peers, or ledger guardians, form a consortium that controls its membership and voting using ledger rules.

Veriteem Network Visualization

The Veriteem network consists of distributed blockchain notes that replicate and secure the data in the ledger. It runs applications, such as the Compliance Ledger. To explore this technology and to participate in building a stronger network as foundation for Veriteem applications, install the network node:

  • To run a Verimatrix node follow these steps:
    • Step 1: pip3 install veriteem
    • Step 2:
  • Locations of currently running nodes: Network Map

A Veriteem Application: The IoT Compliance Ledger

This first deployed smart application is a ledger for IoT device models, that is providing reliable and secure information from compliance organizations and manufacturer about compliance, firmware updates and usage information for more than 1000 device models.

Compliance Organizations

Strengthen their brand by facilitating compliance verification and enforcement.


Build secure and reliable networks that verify devices' compliance, firmware status and typical usage.

Device Manufacturers

Improve products with firmware updates and published device capabilities in a trusted location.

To participate, install a Veriteem network node with compliance ledger contracts.

More Information about the Veriteem Application

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