The Great Cloud Migration

How the Cloud is Transforming the Business of Video - and What this Means to You

The transformation to cloud technologies throughout the video services workflow is reducing friction and cutting costs – for video service providers and content owners.

Cloud-based platforms enable a “pay-for-success” model that enhances the functionality and reduces the financial risk of launching new services.

However, this may be unfamiliar territory with new concerns that may not be well understood.

Download our e-book to learn:

  • The challenges and opportunities of migrating security to the cloud
  • How the cloud can overcome data analytics silos, plus bring instant scalability
  • A new economic model around a connected content marketplace where discovery and negotiation, and transmission all take place digitally
  • How IoT threats can be addressed through the connectivity and transparency enabled by the cloud
  • How the Verimatrix Secure Cloud, allied with AWS, can smooth the great cloud migration

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