VCAS 3.8
The much anticipated VCAS™ 3.8 is now generally available for IPTV, DVB, Internet TV, and MultiRights™ OTT in both standalone deployments and hybrid network configurations. VCAS 3.8 represents a major evolution in VCAS functionality, security, and reliability.
Along with important security and reliability enhancements, VCAS and ViewRight 3.8 significantly extend and enhance our MultiRights OTT offering in support of the industry roll-out of MPEG-DASH streaming and new online video services.  
Here are some of the features and upgrades we are most excited about:
Multi-DRM MPEG-DASH support with common encryption (CENC) – encrypt once for streaming delivery to all leading device categories and DRM clients
Widevine DRM integration with VCAS system – additional 3rd party DRM on the MultiRights platform that currently supports PlayReady
• PlayReady Offline support for new “download to go” service offerings
• PlayReady persistent license support for improved system capacity and scalability
Apple FairPlay Streaming (FPS) support - enhanced ViewRight Web security on Apple devices as required by content providers and studios
ViewRight Web support for iOS 9
ViewRight Web support for Android M
Google Chromecast MPEG-DASH device support (Widevine, PlayReady)
Native MPEG-DASH video playback for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers
• Enhanced Oracle audit clean up management to prevent audit files from consuming resources and impacting system functionality
• Updated Oracle 11G security patches
• HP DL360 Gen9 Certification
• IBM/Lenovo x3550 M5s
• VCAS 3.8 OMI API's will be supported by the VCAS Ultra OMI versioning feature
• Middleware/SMS integration with VCAS 3.8 enabling straightforward upgrade to VCAS Ultra
Your local sales representative can help you through the upgrade process, from quotes, to timelines, to FAQ’s. For more information on VCAS 3.8, or to schedule an upgrade to VCAS 3.8, please contact your Verimatrix salesperson. Customer Services teams already have their bags packed, so get started today.
Per the Verimatrix Product Life Cycle Policy (see Verimatrix Product Life Cycle Policy), the following key lifecycle dates have been defined for VCAS and ViewRight 3.8:
 Key Life Cycle Dates
 General Availability (GA) Release  April 4th, 2016
 Last Installation Date (LID)  April 4th, 2017
 End-of-life (EOL)  April 4th, 2019
The published lifecycle dates for all currently supported VCAS versions can be found at Life Cycle Dates.
Nothing in this notice is intended to modify the terms and conditions of the applicable license or support agreement(s) between Verimatrix and your Company.
The Verimatrix Product Management Team